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How to optimize the sending of documents through email through an ERP

In the workplace, emails have become the key tool for maintaining communication both internally, with colleagues, and externally with customers and suppliers. We spend a large part of the working day reading emails and sending documentation, such as invoices, delivery notes or purchase orders, among others. Surely on more than one occasion you have found yourself faced with the arduous and unproductive task of having to send documents to third parties, which implies a first phase of collecting the documentation, which is not always within reach. To facilitate this task, our technological consultancy has developed a solution for comprehensive email management through an ERP, in which mailing is centralized.

Benefits of comprehensive email management

The main benefits of implementing this ERP for comprehensive email management, especially for those companies with a high volume of transactions, are summarized in simplification of tasks and improvement in management times.

  • Simplification of generation, storage and sending of notifications via email. All this from the tool with which the rest of the business is managed. In this way it is possible to reduce the number of emails sent, grouping several documents per shipment.
  • Improve times in the mail management process with documentation, by having an automated system.
  • With this tool, pdf documents are generated, which can be archived and are always available to be sent by email.
  • Custom templates. This email management system allows you to customize the design of emails using templates. The system automatically fills in the subject and body information of the message. It is also possible to send the email in different languages.
  • Usage reports. It can be obtained from a general report to a specific report to analyze the communication management of the different departments of the company.

The following infographic shows how this document management solution works:


Email recipients

This tool allows you to configure the transactions (invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders) so that at the time of shipment the documents are generated automatically. In addition, for each type of document, the specific recipients can be indicated.

Another concern of companies that operate with a large volume of customer data, in many cases protected, is to maintain security when sending documentation via email. But with this technological solution, protection is guaranteed.

These are the options that can be developed according to the specific needs of each company:

  • Attach documents
  • Group documents in an email
  • self pool
  • auto send
  • Printing machine
  • read acknowledgment
  • Acknowledgment of receipt
  • Certificate
  • multiple senders
  • multiple email accounts
  • Custom templates (multi-language)
  • Shipment Preview

Quick and easy access to customer information

This solution is configurable to archive all the documents generated in the file system following the structure that is considered most appropriate for each type of business. In this way, each client has all the documentation related to invoices in directories, classified by various criteria, among which are the name of the client, the year the employment relationship began and any other aspect that the company considers relevant.

Another important aspect is that classification and archiving of documents they are structured in an organic and dynamic way, a process that simplifies backup and document maintenance.

If sending documents by email is a problem for your company, don't hesitate to contact us to inform you about our customized solution.

A solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers

This email management solution is implemented in the ERP of Microsoft Dynamics AX, so that in all those companies that have already implemented this business operations integration system, the process is faster and easier.

Being a solution developed by Emiral, the team is expanding this solution for its implementation also in sage x3.

It is the ideal solution for those companies that have to send a high volume of documentation via email. It is an effective and safe solution to keep everything organized.

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