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cómo mejora la gestión del control de calidad con un módulo personalizado

How to improve quality control management with a customizable module

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Complying with quality standards and regulations is one of the aspects that most concern companies, especially in the food and beverage industry and in the manufacturing sector because any deficiency that is detected can make the company’s reputation hang by a thread. That is why it is important not only to have a quality control system, but also a customized quality control module that takes into account the specific characteristics of the company.

Faced with this challenge, companies find in ERP an important ally, largely due to its ability to centralize data and provide updated information in real time. This allows companies to carry out quality control strategies based on real and reliable data, and not on estimates with a percentage of error.

What is the customized quality control module

Emiral has developed a customized quality control module that allows the company to manage and control its processes, always guaranteeing their quality. This module, for the manufacturing sector, is of utmost importance when receiving raw materials or semi-finished products from external suppliers. By inspecting these materials, the company confirms their quality before they enter the production chain.

This module allows the management of certificates, quality standards, technical data sheets, change control, document management, as well as other functionalities required by the company.

Advantages of the quality control module

Customization is always a guarantee of success because if each company has its own particularities, which is what differentiates it from the rest, it is logical that the resources it uses should be adapted to its needs at all times. At Emiral we have this requirement very much in mind, that is why we develop customized and scalable modules.

These are some of the advantages that companies have with a customized module:

  • Adaptation to the needs of each company.
  • Differentiation from the competition. The company can highlight its internal quality processes as a differential value.
  • Easier adaptation to change, since the implementation adapts to the way the organization works. In addition, with this customized module the Emiral team provides.
  • Time savings, risk minimization and improved performance when making decisions, always keeping all the information updated..


Functionalities of the quality control module

Emiral’s quality control module includes the following functionalities:

Batch status

This module allows you to customize the status of batches per customer. In addition, when the batch is created, the system calculates the expiration date and assigns a maximum delivery date based on the configuration.

Quality analysis

When a batch is created in the system, the tests to be performed in each analysis are indicated.

Linked to these tests, a bulletin is generated with the results of the analysis and the customer data, delivery note and details of the analysis are printed in a document.

Change control

Change control ensures that for any change the user has to indicate the reason for the decision. Having change control active is essential for sensitive products.

Data sheets

The data sheets that are generated contain the product characteristics.

Safety data sheets

With this customized quality control module, labels can be printed with pictograms that warn of the danger, in addition to maintaining control of these dangerous elements contained in the product.


The system allows you to issue certificates to guarantee that the product or batch complies with certain characteristics.

Manufacturing instructions

This functionality allows you to manage the manufacturing instructions of our products.

Control of approvals

In order to approve a supplier, it is necessary to provide a series of documentation, which has an expiration date. After this time, it is necessary to ask the supplier to renew this documentation, so as not to lose the homologation.

Sending documents

Documents can be sent automatically or manually. There is also the possibility of creating automatic sending of updates in the technical documentation.

With this customized quality control module, companies improve their controls, minimizing risks by having all the information in real time, and also save time with automation.





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