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How to choose a good app development company

Having a mobile application is becoming a priority for brands, because it is a fast and efficient means of communication with customers, it offers an excellent user experience due to its simplicity, and it is a very valuable source of data for the business. But for the experience to be satisfactory, both for the client and for the company, it is essential to have the professionalism of a consultant specializing in applications development, that have a team of designers, programmers, UX experts and analysts.

Internet access is via mobile

The study Digital 2021, prepared by the social network management platform, Hootsuite, and the We are social agency, reveals that almost 43 million Spaniards use the Internet for an average of 6 hours and 11 minutes, and almost 94% of these users access the network through of a mobile device, hence the importance of being present as a brand in the mobile environment, through a responsive website and a mobile application.

The main advantage that the application brings to the user is being able to quickly and easily access the contents of the brand, without having to carry out a previous search. In addition, with personalization the user receives just the content that interests him. In short, the user experience improves significantly.

Types of mobile applications

We can distinguish between three types of mobile applications:

  • Native apps: are the best known mobile applications. They suppose a more complex development because two lines of development are required depending on the operating system and, therefore, greater economic investment; to which is added the need for a constant update due to the changes posed by both Google and Apple. Among the advantages are: this application allows access to the functionalities and features of mobile hardware, it can be used without a network connection and it is a fast application.
  • Web applications: It is the simplest to develop and the most economical. It is a website but developed for mobiles. Its great advantage is that only a mobile web browser is required for the application to work, regardless of the operating system. The drawback is that the company cannot monetize it, it is accessed through the web.
  • Hybrid apps: It is a combination of the previous two. The advantage is that it adopts the functionality of the native application to access the functions and features of the mobile (which obtains a lot of data from the user); in addition to its speed and the possibility of uploading the application to the app stores. Another advantage is its multi-platform nature, as is the case with the web application. The main drawback is that they are heavier applications and, therefore, their operation is slower.

Benefits of mobile apps for businesses

Mobile applications today have become a key element to retain customers, due to the advantages they have:

Direct access to the services or products of the company

It is a quick way to access the services or products of the company. From the application itself you can make purchases in the case of retail companies or manage, for example, a claim in the case of insurance companies.

gain visibility

Together with the web, social networks and marketing campaigns, applications are an essential support to gain visibility, since the brand will appear both in the online app store and in searches carried out on the Internet.

Improve the user experience. Loyalty

Through the application, data about users can be collected, such as the use made of the application, the most visited content, the frequency of entry into the application, etc. With this data, personalized content and offers can be created, which improve the user's experience with the brand and increase the chances of conversion.


Mobile technologies, in constant evolution, allow companies to keep up with trends, offering customers the latest advances.

improve communication

Experience shows us that brand experience is one of the key factors when buying. Customers are increasingly demanding and seek not only quality products but good service. In this sense, the applications are of great help through notifications to keep the client informed, for example, about a product delivery or the status of a procedure.

Keys to choose an application development consulting company

Once the advantages that mobile applications have for companies have been contemplated, one aspect of special relevance must be addressed: the choice of the agency that is going to develop the application. There are many consultants, as in other sectors, but not all of them offer an optimal service. Many stay in the development of the application, without addressing the next step: maintenance. Keep in mind that mobile applications are alive, they require constant updates and new features. For this reason, we have summarized in these points the aspects that must be taken into account when hiring a consulting company specialized in application development:

  • Team. It is important that behind the agency there is a team of professionals who work as a team. We refer to UX experts, data analysts, designers, programmers and other technology experts because it's not just about making an app and making it beautiful, but also about usability. If an application is not useful to the user and is not intuitive, it is doomed to failure.
  • Experience. Before hiring an agency, it is advisable to know the projects they have carried out to see if they adapt to the needs of the company.
  • Testing service. Until an application works correctly, it is necessary to carry out several evaluations, both for the operation and for the user experience. For this reason, it is important that the agency contemplate the development of beta tests until the launch of the application. And it is also convenient to make clear the possible extra costs in terms of version updates or the implementation of new features.
  • Support. This is one of the key aspects, you have to choose an agency that accompanies the client throughout the life cycle of the application, providing continuous support, both to incorporate improvements and to solve incidents. Keep in mind that this is a product that has a long life and is constantly evolving.
  • Costs. Developing a mobile application is a significant investment, especially in the case of native applications. Therefore, you have to choose well from the beginning because a change of agency would imply an even greater increase. In the budget it must be clear all the services offered by the agency, and the costs in the case of incorporating new features or version updates.


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