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How automation helps the automotive sector

The automotive industry is a sector that requires many processes, perfectly automated, so that no unforeseen event can put your activity at risk. From traceability in the case of parts or vehicle manufacturers, through the supply chain, to accounting management and financial reports to comply with legal and fiscal requirements.

To achieve this improvement in efficiency and productivity, the sector is taking the leap towards the implementation of business management systems.

The choice of a powerful ERP system can help meet these challenges as part of the digital transformation process of a business. These business solutions achieve great results in a short period of time, by automating a large number of repetitive tasks, such as billing, accounting, inventory control, data centralization so that all departments have timely access real and customer management, to improve their experience with the brand.

ERP features for automation

ERPs open up a world of opportunities for the automotive sector, because being modular and scalable, they adapt perfectly to the needs of each company. The main automation functions that companies are requesting can be summarized as follows:

  • Accounting. Through the accounting and financial management, a strict control is carried out of the operations related to the transaction of vehicles (purchase-sale, supplies, reservations, financing, individualized monitoring of the process by license plate) and all those administrative operations: delivery notes, electronic invoices, contracts, orders, among others.
  • document management. It allows you to organize and manage all the documentation, so that it is updated and accessible to all departments.
  • Supply chain management. In the case of automotive product manufacturing companies, automation in the supply chain is essential to prevent any error in traceability from putting the entire process at risk.
  • Warehouses. Identification of the merchandise that enters and leaves the warehouse, as well as its location. The operator has all the information about the warehouse in real time. In this way, stock breakage or disorganization problems are avoided, which lead to a significant loss of time.
  • Parts distribution. In the case of spare parts distributors, through the ERP they can send parts to workshops in very short periods of time.
  • Mail pool. Automation of emails to facilitate the sending of documentation (invoices, delivery notes, etc.) to customers. This mail pool system is configured for each client or for each type of document. These shipments can even be configured automatically from time to time.
  • Projects management. In this way, the teams that are part of the projects have real-time access to the information from any device. This solution also allows you to plan and organize the different tasks.
  • Work orders. Through the ERP, employees have a tool to record the hours dedicated to projects, signing, etc.

Advantages of ERP for the automotive sector

Have a ERP specialized in the automotive sector It represents important advantages for the dealer, for a workshop or for a parts distribution company: reduction of time by automating repetitive tasks, improvement of productivity, competitiveness and user experience.

With automation it is possible for workshops to receive the part they need to repair vehicles in just 30 minutes; they ensure that they have stock at all times, both of vehicles and parts; success in traceability (by receiving notification of any incident in real time); of having all the client's updated documentation in one place and, through the reports that are generated, correct business decisions can be made.

Last but not least is the customer experience. Have all the documentation in the same email; having immediate communication with the company and receiving a service in a minimum time are aspects that make the difference between some companies and others; and one of the reasons that lead customers to choose.

The perfect ERP for car companies

For all these functionalities to be carried out optimally, the best ERP is sage x3 because it is a scalable solution that grows at the pace of the company.

The best example in this sector is that of Flexicar, a company where Emiral has implemented the accounting module in record time, obtaining results from day one.

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