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Gesternova Group trusts Emiral to make the jump to Portugal with the Sage X3 solution

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Gesternova Group, a reference in the renewable energy sector, has signed an agreement with our technology consultant to make the leap into the Portuguese market with the Sage X3 business management solution.

Through this agreement, Emiral — Sage X3 partner —, will carry out the migration from Sage 200 solution to Sage X3. This new business management system is designed for companies in the process of growth and internationalization, such as Grupo Gesternova. Specifically, advanced functionalities such as financial accounting, budget control, third party and bank management, and tax declarations will be implemented. This flexible accounting structure will allow Gesternova to have a global vision of the business in both Spain and Portugal.

“Sage X3 is the business management solution for companies like Gesternova Group, in full expansion, which are looking for efficiency, flexibility, agility in the organization and immediate access to reports, from any device,” says our Operations Director Emiliano Caballero.

In the words of Emiliano Caballero: “We thank Gesternova Group for trusting our experience in ERP business management systems, and specifically Sage X3, to guide the internationalization of their business. The decision to migrate to Sage X3 was the right one because not only is it an ERP that will allow them to manage their financial activity quickly, easily and with total flexibility, from anywhere, but it is also a solution designed for international commerce, as it adapts to the current legislation of each country where the company decides to project its business”.

This agreement between Emiral and Gesternova Group marks the beginning of a lasting relationship between the two companies. “The references we have from Emiral, together with their experience in implementing large digital transformation projects, give us a lot of confidence to successfully tackle this new step we are taking in our growth,” said Gesternova’s Chief Financial Officer, Diego Benavente.

Since 2005, the year in which it began its business activity, Gesternova has relied on the various solutions offered by Sage, from Sage Logic, to Sage 200C, and before that Sage Murano. “All the platforms have covered our accounting needs in the various business moments we have gone through. Currently, with the volume of clients and invoicing that we have and expect to have in 2021, we need a tool that allows us to manage accounting movements more quickly and immediately, with shorter information import times from our operational ERP to the accounting ERP and with greater capacity to synchronize processes and generate information for analysis and decision making,” explains Diego Benavente.

The main reason for making the leap to the Sage X3 solution has been the international expansion of the Gesternova Group. “Sage X3 allows the generation of accounting and reporting information on a global scale, homogenizing data and offering a joint vision of all business lines in multiple countries,” concludes Gesternova’s Chief Financial Officer.

In this project, Emiral’s level of involvement and adaptation is not limited only to the migration, but is a project that will have continuity over time, through technical support and improvements in development, at the pace that marks the growth of Gesternova.





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