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four problems in companies without erp

Four problems that arise in summer in those companies that do not have ERP

When the holidays arrive, it is inevitable that companies experience a drop in productivity because the same tasks have to be carried out with fewer staff. The biggest drawbacks are usually found in the administrative and accounting part, with the delay in issuing and receiving invoices; as well as in the warehouse part. In summary, we can identify four problems faced by companies that do not have process automation through an erp, on their return from the summer break.

Management of goods in the warehouse

It is normal for the activity that a warehouse has during the year to be affected during the holidays, not only due to the reduction of personnel (normally personnel is hired to cover absences) but also due to the increase or reduction in the purchase of merchandise, depending on the sector. These changes entail a mismatch in those companies that carry out warehouse management manually. However, automation makes it possible to have all the information on inputs and outputs, as well as stock control and management based on demand. In the same way, when stock breaks, the process does not stop waiting for the professional in charge to request the entry of new merchandise. 

The merchandise labeling to have all the products perfectly located is a value of the companies that have an erp, as the solution Warehouse Management System (WMS). Especially when hiring new staff, to facilitate their work without the need for prior training. 

accounting management

One of the procedures that requires the most attention is accounting, to avoid losing invoices and keep all accounts up to date.

The forecast of income and expenses is essential to guarantee financial health, as it is also essential to have all financial movements controlled. Precisely the automation guarantees that when you return from the holidays everything is updated, with the invoices received and issued up to date, avoiding problems with the Treasury and with suppliers and customers. In short, the risk of losing an invoice due to the barrage of emails pending reading is eliminated. 


Saturation of documentation to send and receive by email

Facing a barrage of unread emails, that is the nightmare of all professionals who use email in their work activity. It means investing a lot of time to read and respond to all emails. A time that would be shortened with an ERP, which allows the comprehensive email management.

The main benefits of email automation are:

  • Optimization. Improvement in management times.
  • The generation, storage and sending of documents through email is simplified.
  • Several documents can be grouped per shipment to reduce the number of emails that are sent.
  • Email reception. It is notified that the email has arrived correctly and that the recipient has received it.

Is document management optimization can be integrated into Sage X3 and Dynamics AX.


In those sectors where products are manufactured, it is essential, at all times of the year, to maintain control over the entire process, in order to detect and locate any incident that forces production to stop.

In this type of company there are only two options: hire staff for the summer or implement an erp to guarantee traceability, notifying any incident in real time. 

These are four of the main problems that companies have to face with the arrival of holidays. Risks that are minimized to the maximum with the implementation of an ERP


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