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Emiral, recognized for its Excellent Business Management

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There are news items that fill us with enthusiasm and encourage us to continue working on the same path, such as the recognition that the Emiral team has just received in the form of the Certificate of Excellent Management (CIEGE), which is awarded every year by the communication media El Economista and the commercial, financial, sectorial and marketing information company Informa D&B.

In this edition, more than a thousand companies have presented themselves, of which only 47 have obtained the seal. As reported by El Economista, the companies that have obtained the certificate have had to go through a process developed by Informa, in which they had to overcome 57 indicators in 10 different categories: solvency, profitability, growth, employment, internationalization, corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, innovation, commercial risk management and digitalization.

All the companies that have received the 2020 seal have in common their commitment to employment -they have increased the hiring of professionals-, to the training of their teams; and to corporate social responsibility actions. They are companies that have proven to be competitive in their sector and are constantly growing.

Emiral’s COO, Emiliano Caballero, and CEO, Alberto Sanchez, attended the certificate ceremony. “This recognition highlights the professional and, above all, human talent of all the professionals who are part of Emiral. This year, in addition to the complicated situation we are experiencing, managing to maintain our clients and also continue to grow is a reflection of the enormous effort made by the entire team,” said Emiral’s CEO, Alberto Sánchez, who also thanked El Economista and Informa for the annual award of this certificate, which highlights “the business fabric that we have in Spain, with highly competitive companies at the national and international level.

Access to the photo gallery of the winners.

Access to the report of the delivery of the certificate of Excellent Management





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