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Emiral is part of the Saniclown Association as a collaborating company

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Bringing the smile to hospitals. This is the great work that the National Clown Association for Healthcare (Saniclown) develops. After knowing them, we have not doubted in becoming a collaborating company so that they can continue giving continuity to their projects.

Emiral’s collaboration, “allows us to give a touch of color, joy and humor to the hospitals, helping to make them more human. Furthermore, with the presence of the clowns in the hospital, we provoke positive changes in the mood and attitude of the hospitalized people, their families and the professionals who care for them, taking care of their emotional well-being and being an Anesthesia for the soul,” says Maria Castro, responsible for the management of projects of the association.

Emiral’s collaboration will have continuity over time: “With the addition of Emiral and other people, companies and institutions, we manage to give sustainability to our actions,” says Castro. The association’s projects are carried out in three hospitals in Madrid: the Niño Jesús University Children’s Hospital (mainly in the areas of oncology and palliatives); the Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital (with theatre improvisation workshops for adolescent psychiatrists); and the Infanta Leonor University Hospital (in paediatrics and dialysis, and also provides accompaniment to operating rooms and awakenings).

«Take the smile to the hospitals and get the little ones to forget about the disease for a few moments»

«This year, with the difficult situation we have had to adapt to teleworking and we are currently making videos for therapeutic purposes for the free channel of the Hospital Niño Jesús; video calls to hospitalized people in the Community of Madrid; videos of encouragement for health personnel; and home visits for children of palliative care», said from the association.

Emiral’s Director of Operations, Emiliano Caballero, thanked the associations such as Saniclown for their important work in making hospital stays more bearable for patients: «Bringing a smile to hospitals and making patients, especially the youngest ones, forget for a few moments about the disease they suffer from, is an extraordinary task and worthy of recognition. We, as a company, have a responsibility to society and if we are asked to help from the associations we have to extend our hand».

From its website, the association has various solidarity items for sale to raise funds to help finance the projects, including a solidarity calendar to make us more fun the 365 days of 2021.





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