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Initial upload of a model from D365FO to DevOps

Models created in D365FO can be uploaded to DevOps. In D365FO, application objects are saved as
files in folders, with a certain structure. So, to upload our model, we will create a folder in DevOps and
we will map with the folder of our model.
For it:

  1. We locate the folder of the model that we want to upload. The display name does not have to match the name of the folder. To do this, we put the Application Explorer in view mode by models, with right click > Model view:

    And once the model we want to upload is located:We make sure what folder it is under the VM metadata folder (usually C:AOSServicePackagesLocalDirectory):
  2. We already have the name of our model folder. Now we create a folder in DevOps, under the Metadata folder, with the same name as the one we have on our team, called the same as the model folder we want to upload. We will need to do this from the DevOps website:

  3. If we refresh the “Source Control Explorer” window in Visual Studio, we will see the new folder:

    Obviously, the folder is currently empty.
  4. Now, we only have to map the folder created in DevOps to our local folder, inside the folder
    D365FO metadata:
  5. Indeed, now Visual Studio detects changes, which when promoted:
  6. They appear as pending changes, which we can upload:


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