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Emiral implants Sage X3 in Flexicar

Emiral implements the accounting module of Sage X3 in Flexicar

We can now announce that since September we have been the partner that the Spanish company has chosen for the digitization and automation of its administrative and operational management. It is an ambitious project and the consultant has implemented the accounting module in a company with a high volume of operations, such as Flexicar.

30,000 operations per year

The more than 30,000 annual operations that the automotive company manages is one of the reasons for taking the leap towards automating key business departments such as finance, treasury, sales and logistics. The transition from manual operations, which slowed down the company's operations, to digitization has been possible with the Sage X3 solution that the Emiral team began to implement in September.

Sage X3 for Flexicar Sales Cycle Control

Emiral has streamlined the implementation of this ERP so that the automotive company can automate its processes from day one. In the first phase, modules have been implemented for financial accounting management with strict control of the automobile purchase-sale cycle (purchase, reservations, sales, supplies, financing); for the individualized follow-up of the process for each registration.

The benefits for Flexicar have been immediate, as the head of Accounting at Flexicar, Álvaro González López, comments, "The implementation of a business management system such as Sage X3 is very necessary for a company like ours, with 45 dealers distributed throughout the country and an inventory of more than 4,000 vehicles.

Since its inception, the company's priority has been to offer a quality service to its customers so that their experience in buying or selling a vehicle is easy, fast and without any risk. Internally, they wanted to make their team's daily tasks as easy as possible, eliminating tedious manual work. “The choice of this consultancy for the digitization of our company has been the right one. Thanks to Emiral's work, in a short time we have managed to centralize accounting information, which allows us to access it at any time and from anywhere. Another advantage that we have found with Sage X3 is the reliability of the data, which minimizes any error when storing the information to the maximum", concludes Álvaro González.

Automation in the automotive sector

In the words of Emiral's Director of Operations, Emiliano Caballero, “after knowing the growth opportunities that Flexicar has and its needs, we saw clearly the solution that we had to implement. Sage X3 has built-in functionalities for accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and logistics management. To this is added the advantage of its scalability, which allows the integration of new functionalities as the company continues to grow. Regarding the automotive sector, Caballero highlighted how “more and more companies in the sector are betting on automation. The advantages that they are seeing in this type of solution in terms of agility in administrative and operational procedures, access to updated information in real time and minimization of errors in transactions are sufficient reasons to make the leap to digitization.   

The news appears in Computing magazine

The medium specialized in technology, Computing has echoed the news: Flexicar digitizes its administrative and operational management with Emiral

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