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Emiral app catering school Simone Ortega

Emiral creates a custom app for order management for the Simone Ortega School of Hospitality and Tourism

The Simone Ortega Integrated Public Vocational Training Center and School of Hospitality and Tourism already has a custom-made web application for order management. 

For this project, the vocational training center has relied on Emiral, a reference in the development of Custom web applications for business. The vision end to end (comprehensive vision of the entire process, from start to finish) with which Emiral approaches all projects provides added value, which is seen in the final result, with an application designed according to the needs of the business. 

In the specific case of the CIFP Simone Ortega, the problem was in the management of orders. It is a Vocational Training center specialized in hospitality and tourism, which has a high volume of orders entering and leaving on a daily basis. To achieve an operational improvement, which translates into the optimization of time and economic resources, Emiral has designed an ordering module in the app to centralize all information related to orders. 

From an audit to commissioning and monitoring

The development of the application has been carried out in five phases:

Initial audit to identify business needs.

UX/UI design. Once the need is identified, the design specialist team carries out the prototyping taking into account the user experience (an intuitive, easy-to-use and friendly app).

Application Development once the prototyping is approved.

Commissioning and monitoring. This is one of the phases where clients usually have the greatest uncertainty due to the possibility that once the application is developed they will have to take charge with little knowledge. In this sense, an Emiral team accompanies the client both during the start-up and afterwards, to guarantee that everything is correct and the people who are going to use it, in the case of Simone Ortega it will be the teachers and those people who are in charge. of the orders.

Technical service available to deal with any incident that may occur. 

Advantages of the application

The Vocational Training center is already testing the advantages of having all orders centralized in one application, to avoid problems of duplicate orders or stockouts, which are so important for centers like this one, where numerous diners pass by every day. 

Digitize vocational training centers

This project is part of Emiral's purpose of contribute to the digital transformation of educational centers, implementing custom web applications that help in daily management. 

Part of the Emiral team went to the Simone Ortega School of Hospitality and Tourism to check how the app works and, in the process, taste the haute cuisine that is prepared in this school, for the general public. 

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