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We are living through some very hard weeks, whether we want to or not, COVID-19 has entered our lives suddenly and radically, from health to day-to-day coexistence.

Despite this, we must keep in mind at all times that this crisis is one that we can stop together and we will definitely win.

As we are seeing, companies are acquiring a commitment to their workers, offering various possibilities and facilities.


Given the sector we are in (IT and digitization), many people are talking about telework. There are quite a few positions where teleworking is feasible and advised in this situation.

However, this pandemic would be much worse if it were not for those jobs where teleworking is not possible. Not only the health sector, the first line of defense against the coronavirus and the first heroes in this crisis, but all those who have to go out to work nowadays are keeping this society alive, since we can always rely on going out to the nearest supermarket and finding basic necessities, which would not be possible without the people who produce, transport and offer these products.

People who work caring for people in need also deserve special attention. A great moral support which helps them not to feel alone or helpless in case they cannot count on anyone else. For those people in need, these social caregivers are more than heroes, they are fundamental pillars to draw strength day after day.

And finally to the SMEs that, for one reason or another, cannot telework, which are approximately 40% of the Spanish SMEs, which are, likewise, heroes supporting our economy.


As a company, there are three fundamental responsibilities in addition, of course, to supporting our society:

    • Caring for employees and their families

Emiral is committed to the health of its employees and their families by facilitating teleworking for everyone in the company, thus reducing health risks and exposure to the virus.

    • Supporting our clients in their needs

Likewise, Emiral is committed to its clients by supporting all their needs in these times of confinement.

    • Helping our partners to support them

Finally, we continue to support our partners when they need it.


We all stop this virus, but it is also important not to neglect our economy or our employment, because if SMEs are stopped, the country stops, since they represent 99% of the business fabric, create 74% of employment and make up 65% of the GDP. The main solution is to make teleworking reach as many people as possible.

Studies confirm that 67% of people consider that the lack of resources to be able to telework will negatively affect business. The same studies confirm that the culture of teleworking is not yet fully established and this can have a very negative impact on their income.

Fortunately, at Emiral, we have the tools to be able to continue working normally by teleworking, so our services will not be affected.


It is in these times of crisis that the unity of a team to support and help each other is most evident.

That is why Emiral is very proud of its entire team, its attitude, familiarity and spirit.

Now more than ever, we are a team

José Elías Enrique

Desarrollador web en EMIRAL

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