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Sage partner Malaga event

Emiral, among the partners invited to the Sage event in Malaga

Game on! Under this motto, the multinational Sage has presented its 2023 proposals to technological partners, including Emiral. 

The event, the first in person after the pandemic, was held at the Automobile Museum in Malaga. The company has had the opportunity to share with partners and professional firms (all of them make up the 85% of Sage sales in Spain) the results of 2022, as well as the strategies that they will carry out in the next fiscal year 2023 .

Greater investment in marketing 

One of the novelties comes in the form of investment. The multinational is determined to invest "what it has never invested in brand marketing", with a presence even on television and radio, as well as in the main events.

Partners, key pieces of Sage

The company is clear that the partner ecosystem is a key element in its growth and for this reason they will continue to promote this channel. In this sense, they are betting heavily on the cloud, with the view that in two years the solutions will be cloud connected or cloud native.

Finally, in the presentation they advanced details about the path they are going to follow in this transformation process in which they are immersed. They will split the company into two blocks: horizontal solutions for business management (where erp as sage x3, Sage 200 and Sage 50) and a transversal block for all companies.

HR software and treasury solutions

Offering solutions for human resources (an area in full growth) and for cash flow control (with the new laws, among which is anti-fraud, which affect all companies regardless of their size) are among the objectives in the short term of the brand.

Finally, from Sage they highlighted how the increase in the number of clients that the company has experienced in the last year, specifically, a 22%, is proof that partners are a great ally to achieve its consolidation and expansion in the country.

From this event, Emiral took a lot of knowledge to optimize the management of its clients to the maximum. 

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