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Microsoft Dynamics for Unified Operations Expense Report

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations brings the expense management into your mobile phone through Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations.
Once the systems administrator in your organization has published the expense management mobile workspace, the new workspace will be available in the mobile application.

A great improvement (on top of being mobile friendly) is that the application makes use of the camera and image gallery of the phone.

Employees can capture receipts that way and choose to attach them to an expenses report or do it later, whatever suits the employee better.

Attaching a capture from a receipt would not be very useful if the expenses report cannot be maintained from the same workspace. That is why you can create, maintain and submit the expenses report for approval from the app. It offers a level of fineness that allows to add a guest list for an expense (if the organization expenses policy allows for guests).

But let us imagine that a credit card transaction should be split across different legal entities in the organization, or across different expense categories. The app allows that, too. With the added benefit of doing it by creating “child” expense lines, while keeping the “parent” credit card transaction intact for easy credit card statements reconciliation.

Microsoft engineers have even foreseen the case in which the employee must use a credit card still not approved. The transaction can be later matched to the eventually approved credit card, creating a single expense, which can follow the usual workflow.

And this is just a tiny fraction of the new features Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations has been improved with for going mobile.

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