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Cybersecurity in SMEs: the new target of hackers

When we talk about hacking and cybercrime, we think of large thefts of information from influential companies. However, while security breaches at larger companies get more media coverage, the main target for cybercriminals is SMEs.

According to the study "Current Panorama of Cybersecurity in Spain 2019", commissioned by Google and prepared by The Cocktail Analysis, SMEs and private users were the main targets of cyberattacks in 2018, with a total of 102,414 incidents registered in Spain.

Large organizations, both private and government, seem to be the clearest targets for information theft, but violating their security requires more effort, technology and planning. Large companies have more advanced security systems and specialized personnel in charge of avoiding all kinds of incidents. Therefore, cybercriminals prefer to focus on simpler targets like family businesses.

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