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How to implement a co-pilot in Microsoft Teams

In this blog we will explore how you can create and deploy a custom copilot using Copilot Studio and Power Automate in Microsoft Teams. This co-pilot will be able to assist your team members in various tasks such as creating sales orders and invoicing them.

In order to access and use our co-pilot through Microsoft Teams, we must have previously published it. The copilot release ensures that all necessary functionality and configurations are correctly implemented and ready for integration with Teams.

The next step is to go to the Channels section, in this section, we can select and manage the channels in which we want to publish our co-pilot, in our case we are going to select Microsoft Teams.

Next, we select the option to edit details, which allows us to access a series of fields that we must fill out.

If we select the "Open copilot" option, we can view and test our copilot directly in Microsoft Teams. However, so that the rest of the users on our team can access its features, we can do it in three different ways:


  • Select the users with whom you want to share the co-pilot.
  • Publish it as an app in Teams so all users can access it.
  • Download the app zip and publish it to Teams via the Dev Portal app.


For these last two options, the Teams administrator must accept our application.

In our case we are going to implement it by publishing it in Teams, to do this we must follow the following steps:

First, we must go to the Channels section by selecting Microsoft Teams again. After completing all the necessary details, we select the “Availability Options” button. In this way we can configure the co-pilot, ensuring that it is accessible and working correctly for all users of the equipment. This step is essential to ensure that the co-pilot is integrated efficiently and that its functionality is optimized within the Teams environment.

If we select the option to “Show all the people in my organization” the administrator must approve it and the people in the company will then be able to see our co-pilot after adding it as an application.

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