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How to choose the new ERP for your company?

It is the question that many companies ask themselves when starting from scratch or making the leap to their evolution.

Many of them rely on a combination of manual and automated workflows, departmental applications, and legacy databases to run their businesses. While this may work at first, these outdated processes can become cumbersome and hamper productivity, profitability, and growth.

And that's where modern ERP software can help. Today's ERP systems can help understand and define best practices, streamline activities, and gain control over business processes. You can visit the following page if you are not clear what is an ERP and what is it for.

But choosing a new ERP system can be a daunting task: You need a system that meets current business requirements, but has the ability to adapt to change.

Here are a series of guidelines that may be useful for you to decide:

  • Perform a gap analysis and identify the suitable software
  • Determine if you need to update your computer systems
  • Identify the features you must include a new system ERP
  • Count for reports Y regulatory requirements
  • Evaluate the scalability to take into account the growth of the company

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