Sage X3: ERP tailored to food and beverage companies

The food and beverage industry is one of the most complex due to the risks involved in its activity, such as the demanding regulations they have to comply with, the handling of products with a short life cycle, contamination and product recalls. All these factors mean that these companies are on the precipice on a […]

Milestone billing in Sage X3

zMilestone billing is a type of billing that does not depend on the delivery of a material or the performance of a service to a customer, but allows scheduling the issuance of invoices according to certain conditions of dates and percentages to be billed of the total amount of the sale. In other words, a […]

How to add custom reports in Sage X3

One of the functions that customers need most in their ERPs is to be able to customise the reports that are generated. Sage X3 offers many standard reports that can be used as the basis for customising new reports. For this example, we will start with a standard report in the basic Sales Invoice format, […]

The Asian product chain EMB Food consolidates its digital transformation with Emiral

EMB Food

The company EMB Food, specialized in importing food products of Asian origin, has trusted our technology consultancy to complete its digital transformation process, through the Sage X3 solution, from the British multinational Sage. The automation of business management processes has become a priority for EMB Food, due to the rapid growth of its activity and […]

Gesternova Group trusts Emiral to make the jump to Portugal with the Sage X3 solution

Gesternova Group, a reference in the renewable energy sector, has signed an agreement with our technology consultant to make the leap into the Portuguese market with the Sage X3 business management solution. Through this agreement, Emiral — Sage X3 partner —, will carry out the migration from Sage 200 solution to Sage X3. This new […]

Data import in Sage x3

In Sage X3, data import can be carried out in multiple cases, the most common being during the migration of master data, transactions from another system before going into production, and also to globally update certain groups of data. In this entry, we will show you how to import such data. In Sage X3 we […]

How to link a JavaScript file to make asynchronous requests from Sage X3

In this blog post, we will see how to make requests from Sage to a JavaScript file in an asynchronous way as well as some advice to make our lives easier. Do you want to implement Sage in your company? [vc_empty_space height=”15px”][mk_button dimension=”savvy” corner_style=”full_rounded” size=”medium” letter_spacing=”3″ url=”/en/contact/” outline_skin=”custom” outline_active_color=”#0e66aa” outline_active_text_color=”#0e66aa” outline_hover_bg_color=”#0e66aa” outline_bg_color=”#0e66aa” outline_hover_color=”#ffffff” align=”center”]WE WILL […]

How to back up and recover data in Sage X3?

One of the essential functions in ERPs is to provide functions that facilitate the backup and restoration of data. Sage X3 includes this option in one of its functions available in the Development menu. To access this option, go to Development > Utilities > Extraction/Integration > Data Import or Development > Utilities > Extraction/Integration > […]