How to generate QR tags with Sage X3

Generación de QR desde 4GL usando Node JS

Problem faced It is requested that, from Sage X3, there is the possibility to generate labels containing QR codes to identify items through a scanner.. Proposed solution The proposed solution is the following: externalise the functionality in a package or bundle programmed in Node JS, a technology that optimises development times and facilitates the work […]

BAI Ticket: what you need to know about the new billing system

As happened in 2018 when the system of keeping Value Added Tax record books through the electronic headquarters of the DFG, better known as Immediate Supply of Information, began to be applied in the Basque Country on a mandatory basis, from October 2020 companies in this community have to be up to date with the […]

DNS: what they are, how they work and how they block unwanted content

If Internet use was already high in the pre-pandemic period, during and after confinement, users of this network spend an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes online (3 hours and 39 minutes in the case of smartphones). Teleworking, changing consumer habits and social relations justify this upward trend. As stated in an article published […]

How ERPs have evolved over the course of history

Enterprise resource planning systems, better known as ERP, have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more companies, especially SMEs, have embraced digital transformation as a key to their growth. However, the origin of this business management solution is not in the corporate environment, but in the military. A computer program in the […]

How to choose a good application development company

Having a mobile application is becoming a priority for brands, because it is a fast and effective way of communicating with customers, it offers an excellent user experience due to its simplicity and it is a very valuable source of data for the business. But for the experience to be satisfactory, both for the customer […]

How to optimize the sending of documents via e-mail using an ERP system

In the workplace, emails have become the key tool for maintaining communication both internally, with colleagues, and externally with customers and suppliers. We spend a large part of our working day reading emails and sending documentation, such as invoices, delivery notes or purchase orders, among others. Surely on more than one occasion you have been […]

Milestone billing in Sage X3

zMilestone billing is a type of billing that does not depend on the delivery of a material or the performance of a service to a customer, but allows scheduling the issuance of invoices according to certain conditions of dates and percentages to be billed of the total amount of the sale. In other words, a […]

Is your company’s ERP updated with the changes brought by 2021?

The new year begins with important changes that companies should be aware of in order to adapt their business management software and, consequently, avoid non-compliance with regulations, which could have negative consequences. We are referring to the new validations in the Immediate Supply of Information (SII), which came into force on January 1, 2021; the […]

How to add custom reports in Sage X3

One of the functions that customers need most in their ERPs is to be able to customise the reports that are generated. Sage X3 offers many standard reports that can be used as the basis for customising new reports. For this example, we will start with a standard report in the basic Sales Invoice format, […]

Adaptation of utilities in an ERP: Maintenance Management

Nowadays it is important to have all the information centralized in the same tool so that all the users and departments can interact with the information in a global way and in this way achieve that our company has the information stored with a determined structure and coherence. The importance of computerization Nowadays it is […]