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B2Brouter invoice automation

B2Brouter is the solution to automate customer and supplier invoices

Administrations are making it more and more difficult to manage billing, both those issued to customers and those received from suppliers. Automation is a fact and in the case of administrative management, it not only facilitates the work, but more and more is demanded by the different agencies, especially the Treasury to avoid any manipulation of invoices. For this reason, more and more companies are opting for technological solutions, and one of them is B2Brouter, a billing program that connects all invoices in real time. It is a solution that also integrates with the ERP Microsoft 365 to have electronic invoices.

What is B2Brouter

As we have mentioned before, it is a cloud solution that automates the sending and receiving of invoices, guaranteeing that the entire process is carried out correctly and saving time for other administrative tasks.

Integrate B2Brouter with Microsoft Dynamics 365

For those companies that have implemented the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 this solution is ideal for keeping invoices up to date. The Emiral team is specialized in integrating this solution with the ERP, which helps make the process quick and effective. In this way, one of the main reticence of companies when it comes to automating their invoices is eliminated, which is none other than the time required for integration. This speed guarantees that the transition is hardly noticeable, maintaining the normal activity of the administration department.

Benefits of B2Brouter and Dynamics 365 integration

These are some of the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and B2Brouter integration:

Ease of use

Its use is very simple, so no knowledge of the solution is required to start using it. This is an advantage when it comes to implementing new technological tools in the company.

Valid for public and private organizations

This solution is accepted by both private companies and public bodies.


From a single platform you can send invoices to customers and receive invoices from suppliers. All centralized so that there is no loss of information.


Electronic submissions can be made in different formats.

Real-time notifications

With the notifications, the company will be informed in real time of any modification.

Direct connection to entry points

In this way, it is guaranteed that shipments always reach their recipient thanks to the connection with the main electronic invoicing networks.

Extensive database of public bodies

It has a large database with more than 6,000 public entities to lighten the management of information automatically.

With the new obligations that are coming, this solution is going to have a significant demand in the short and medium term.

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