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New Emiral office: expansion of the Computing team

The new office and the expansion of the team, in Computing magazine

At Emiral we are making a debut, we have just inaugurated a new headquarters in Pozuelo de Alarcón and we have reinforced our team with the incorporation of five experts in consulting, design and programming. In this way, we respond to the rapid growth in which we find ourselves immersed.

New offices in Pozuelo de Alarcón

The new headquarters, operational since this month of May, is located in Via de las Dos Castillas, in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). It has modern facilities and open spaces to encourage the exchange of knowledge and communication. The new location responds to the need to be close to customers, «after considering different locations, we decided to go to Pozuelo de Alarcón due to its accessibility, both from the capital and from other provinces. The time we save on travel is invested in a greater dedication to our clients", details the Director of Operations, CEO and Co-founder of Emiral, Emiliano Caballero.

We save time that we invest in a greater dedication to the client

The opening of this new headquarters also responds to Emiral's commitment to strengthening its team: "One of Emiral's main values, and why companies choose us, is precisely because of the professionalism, commitment and involvement of the team in each project. We are growing in clients and to accompany them in the process of digital transformation, with guarantees of success, we have to attract the best talent. So far this year we have incorporated five experts, who will add knowledge and experience to our company", Emiliano details.

Our incorporations will add talent, knowledge and experience to Emiral

Incorporations in consulting, design and programming

With more than 15 years of experience as a visual designer and illustrator, Ana Rose Gonzalez will collaborate with the Application Development department in the design and user experience part. He has worked for major multinationals as head of the design department. With extensive experience in different areas such as visual campaigns, branding, editorial, packaging, illustration... his strength lies in UI/UX design: web, wearables and apps (both for mobile and Smart TV): "I started collaborating with Emiral in a sporadic I have always felt part of the team. That's why when they offered me to work with them continuously, I didn't think about it. Added to this good relationship is the fact that it is a challenge for me to work with technology companies, since each project is different from the previous one and has specific requirements”, comments the designer.

Together with Ana Rosa González, she joins this department Marc Hagele, technology consultant with extensive experience in large software development projects and business applications.

Other names that join the technology firm are Abel Sotelo Y Peter Martinez. Sotelo is a Sage X3 programmer and comes to Emiral after undertaking important technological projects with top-level consulting firms. For his part, Pedro Martínez has more than 30 years of experience as an IT analyst, programmer and certified consultant in Sage X3. Throughout his professional career he has directed teams of analysts, programmers and systems technicians in the implementation of solutions, both software and hardware. In addition, he has extensive experience in developing applications for the banking sector. “I am excited about this new professional project. At Emiral I will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with experts in different areas. In addition, it is a privilege to be able to address the digital transformation of large companies that trust this technology consultancy.”

Finally, Robert Callao provides Emiral with a high analytical capacity. With a degree in Physical Sciences, a master's degree in Information and Communications Systems Management and more than 22 years of experience in technological projects, Roberto has specialized in the implementation of Information Systems for business management in sectors as diverse as technology, media, distribution and manufacturing. During his professional stage at Emiral, he works as a technological consultant in the implementation of solutions with Microsoft Dynamics.

Luis Cuevas, at the head of Sage X3

At the end of last year, the technology consultancy Emiral reached an agreement with Luis Cuevas to direct projects that require the implementation of business management software sage x3. His name is recognized in the technology sector for having led large digital transformation projects. Luis Cuevas is an aeronautical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the development of business management solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and operational management of companies. "My professional career is closely linked to the business management software company Sage, where I held the position of technical director, in the X3 specialization, for 24 years," explains Luis Cuevas. He has also held other positions of responsibility in large technology consultancies, always at the forefront of the Sage X3 solution.

Appearance in the specialized media Computing

The communication medium specialized in technology, Computing, has published the opening of our new office and the expansion of the team. 

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