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Expense management with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics for Unified Operations Mobile WorkspacesIn a previous blog post we were pleased to present some improvements offered by the mobile workspace of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to create and edit expense reports in an agile and easy way. In this entry we show some functionality for the other side in the expense reports; the approving managers.
Within the mobile expenses workspace there is also a section for those responsible for reviewing, correcting and approving expense reports following the organization’s expense policies.
The person responsible for approving an expense report may now approve line-by-line the expenses of a report. In this way, the process can continue for the approved items without having to stop an entire report because some line is doubtful, incorrect or needs to be revised (for example, a reconciliation between the expense line and the corresponding transaction of a credit card).
The application also allows to manage expenses between legal entities, thus facilitating the role of approvers who must analyse this type of expenses. This leads to much greater agility in the workflow progress of the expense report management.
Other benefits, which in principle look like improvements to the employee who generates the expense report, are also a huge improvement for the approver.
Mileage expenses can be consistently included with the rest of the information, simplifying the review to be carried out by the approver.
But the best new function for the approver is that employees can see a table with all their expense reports and review the approval workflow history of each one. From the approver’s point of view, the approver can see a table with all the reports for which she is responsible and also follow up on that responsibility. This last point, which seems to be a pleasant utility, results in a precise and immediate communication to all parties regarding any expense report, eliminating the need for communications requesting or answering doubts about the status of an expense report.

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