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SII en la Hacienda Foral de Gipuzkoa

SII arrives to the Gipuzkoan Tax Agency

And Emiral’s SII Dynamics AX solution is ready to deploy.

Our product for VAT management has already passed all the test to be perfectly integrated in the companies using AX in Gipuzkoa.

¿Whom does SII affect in the Hacienda Foral de Gipuzkoa?

The new SII will be mandatory for all taxpayers required to self-assess for VAT on a monthly basis:

  • Registered with REDEME (Monthly VAT Return Registry)
  • Large Businesses (turnover of over €6,010,121.04)
  • VAT Groups (REGE)

The new SII can be applied to all other taxpayers who choose to opt in voluntarily.

¿When does the SII in the Hacienda Foral de Gipuzkoa start?

The SII system in Gipuzkoa began operating on January 9, but the forms to access on the website will not be available until January 23 (for issued invoices and receipts) and until February 6 (for received invoices and payments).
On the other hand, the Diputación has released an information note indicating that the delivery deadlines due during the month of January 2018 and the first 15 calendar days of February 2018 are extended until February 20, 2018.


SII Dynamics AX is already here.

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