IT Infrastructure

We offer Systems Infrastructure services for Microsoft Dynamics, with a team that has more than 10 years of experience in all versions of the product.
We bring this experience to create Systems solutions for Dynamics in terms of:

. IT Systems and infrastructures

. Business solutions

. Maintenance

. Outsourcing 

IT Systems and Infrastructures

We are specialists in the design and optimization of the physical and virtual IT platform on which your information is based.

Virtualization. Discover how to have cost savings by optimizing the use of your current IT resources with both server and workstation virtualization. We partner with the best brands: VmWare, Citrix Xenserver, Hyper-V, Nutanix, etc.

Security. Let us help you secure your company information by selecting the most advanced technologies in disaster protection and access control systems. We partner with the best brands. Fortigate, Sophos, Cisco, Palo Alto, etc.

Networking. Fast and reliable network communications are essential in daily work. Our network infrastructures go unnoticed for users because they are optimized in their dimensions and management. We partner with the best brands, Cisco, HP, Arista or Aerohive.

DataCenter. We design, implement and manage your server platform, both physical and Cloud. Providing management services for the entire infrastructure of the Data Processing Center.


We outsource the development, control and management of your systems so you can really focus on your business.

Probably managing and operating your information systems is not your business. Ours is.

At Emiral we help you in the outsourcing of processes related to the development and maintenance of applications, as well as the control and operation of your IT systems and infrastructures.

Our outsourcing services adapt to companies of any size and sector. Our technicians will become the best IT department for your company.



From Emiral we not only carry out the proactive and reactive maintenance that your business needs, but we make your systems evolve to be in line with the real needs of our customers.

For the technology to be always available, it is necessary for qualified people to operate it and maintain their vital signs providing added value beyond the latest technology.

What distinguishes EMIRAL from other IT providers over conventional maintenance is the specialization in evolutionary maintenance. . In constant development and actively according to the needs and forecast of growth of each client, being its best technological partner.

In the same way, we support the different types of conventional maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance
The objective is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failures of the system, preventing incidents before they occur.

Corrective maintenance
Its objective is to restore in the shortest possible time the operation of the system or damaged systems. In some cases, the failure is unforeseeable but with a good preventive policy, the critical system stops are considerably reduced.

Business solutions

We design and develop business applications, and integrate them with the rest of the company’s applications.

Quality. Ensuring compliance with ISO standards is a complex and costly task. Let us help you with our quality management solutions and you will stop worrying about it.

Management. Managing your customers or your business processes must be supported by robust, easy-to-manage CRM, BPM and ERP solutions. Our experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions will increase your productivity.

Collaboration. Collaboration platforms like Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint make the information in your company flow optimally. At EMIRAL we design the collaboration environments best suited to your real needs.

Custom development. Sometimes a tailored suit is the most efficient solution for a complex business need.

In Emiral we are aware of the last generation development platforms, open, configurable and easily integrated with the rest of the enterprise systems. Our solutions are based on solid technologies and with the minimum cost of maintenance.